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Weekly or monthly rebalancing based on market cap
Common Questions
What is this ?
We automate your trading by balancing your binance assets proportional to overall market cap
Why does this exist ?
If you leave your assets untouched for prolonged periods of time, you're leaving yourself vunerable to sudden downturns, and missing out on gains
How does it work ?
Simply grab an API key from your binance account to get started. We analyse your portfolio, and calculate the optimal holdings of your currently held assets. We then execute trades at regular time intervals to restore these proportions; maximising upside, and minimising risk
Where are my tokens stored ?
Your assets never leave your binance account, crypto squad analyses your portfolio and executes trades using your binance api key
What are the fees involved ?
Our tool is free to use up to $1000 in portfolio value, and $9/month afterwards
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